Clicking on Summons (召喚 Shōkan) in the Basic Menu will lead you to a page where you may spend any Friend Points you may earn on Normal Summons or spend Star Stones on Premium Summons.



Normal Summons tab

Each Normal Summon costs 200 Friend Points, which will give you the chance of earning a 1 to 3 star unit (with a 3 to 6 star limit). This can be done by clicking Single Summon (シングル召喚 Shinguru shōkan).

Friend points may be accumulated and spent for multiple summons, with a maximum of 10 summons at once. If multiples of 200's are available, an additional option will be given to press (連召喚 Ren shōkan).


Each Premium Summon costs 300 Star Stones, which will give you a chance of earning a 3 to 6 star unit (with a 5 to 6 star limit) and can be done by pressing Single Summon (シングル召喚 Shinguru shōkan).

An option is offered to spend 3000 Star Stones at once to summon 10 Premium Units, and occasionally, bonuses may be given (such as a set of King Plues) depending on whether or not there is an event going on. This can be done by pressing 10 Group Summons (10連召喚 10-Ren shōkan).


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