By clicking Units on the basic menu, you are directed to a page where you are able to manage your units and teams and view each team's total stats. This page has a sliding menu and five selections underneath.

  1. Team (チーム Chīmu)
  2. Strengthen (強化 Kyōka)
  3. Limit Break (限界突破 Genkai toppa)
  4. Magic Spell Book (魔法書 Mahō-sho)
  5. List (一覧 Ichiran)
  6. Sell (売却 Baikyaku)


While visting the Units page, you are able to navigate through the Teams section by sliding left and right to view up to 5 combinations of teams you are able to create. You are able to view the team's leader skill, the total amount of stamina used, and the total amount of stats (HP and AP by element) that the four members have on the team. To remove or switch a unit from the team, click on the unit icon and you will be taken to your list of units to do so.


Limit BreakEdit

Magic Spell BookEdit





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